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(1842 - 1921) ~ Russian Father of Anarcho-Communism : As anarchism's most important philosophers he was in great demand as a writer and contributed to the journals edited by Benjamin Tucker (Liberty), Albert Parsons (Alarm) and Johann Most (Freiheit). Tucker praised Kropotkin's publication as "the most scholarly anarchist journal in existence." (From : Spartacus Educational Bio.)
• "...all that is necessary for production-- the land, the mines, the highways, machinery, food, shelter, education, knowledge--all have been seized by the few in the course of that long story of robbery, enforced migration and wars, of ignorance and oppression..." (From : "The Conquest of Bread," by Peter Kropotkin, 1906.)
• "...outside of anarchism there is no such thing as revolution." (From : "Revolutionary Government," by Peter Kropotkin, 18....)
• "The communes of the next revolution will proclaim and establish their independence by direct socialist revolutionary action, abolishing private property. When the revolutionary situation ripens, which may happen any day, and governments are swept away by the people, when the middle-class camp, which only exists by state protection, is thus thrown into disorder, the insurgent people will not wait until some new government decrees, in its marvelous wisdom, a few economic reforms." (From : "The Commune of Paris," by Peter Kropotkin, Freedo....)


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Peter Kropotkin’s Last Letter

 Photo by The Naked Ape, CC BY-NC-ND License

Photo by The Naked Ape,
CC BY-NC-ND License

The following letter was written by Peter Kropotkin to his friend, De Reijger, the Dutch anarchist, who had invited him to come to stay at Haarlem:

“Moscow, Dmitrooka,

“December, 23rd, 1920.

“Dear Comrade De Reijger,—My heartiest thanks for your kind letter of November, which has at last reached me. All three of us, my wife, my daughter, and myself, are profoundly touched by your letter and your invitation. But as perhaps you know already from the letter which I sent to the comrades of the ‘Berlin Syndicalist,’ our position is as bad to-day as it was last year. We have the necessities of life, and considering one could not say that everywhere else in Europe, it is a great deal.

“The social revolution has involuntarily taken a Centralist and authoritarian turn in Russia. Still, it presents the possibility of a transition from capitalist society to Socialist society. And this thought will certainly encourage the Socialists of Western Europe in their efforts to reconstruct society on the basis of anti-capitalist equality. In addition, beyond all doubt, the Centralist faults of the Russian Communist revolution will assist the workers of other countries to avoid similar mistakes.

“Fraternal greetings,


“P.S.—We live in a little town 60 kils to the north of Moscow, where we have a little kitchen-garden which my wife works. Unfortunately, I am no longer myself able to carry out physical work, so my wife alone looks after the vegetables we require for the winter. I am at present engaged on a large work, ‘Ethics on the Naturalist Basis.’”

Exploité, March 9th.

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May, 1921 :
Peter Kropotkin’s Last Letter -- Publication.

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