The Events of Salta

By Cuban Libertarian Movement (Movimiento Libertario Cubano) (MLC)

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The Shining Light of Anti-Authoritarianism and Anti-Capitalism of the Caribbean

The Cuban Libertarian Movement tries to articulate and increase anti-authoritarian revolutionary activism in Cuba, in a particular way and in the American continent in general, with the aim of building a more effective anarchist movement that actively participates in the struggles of the real movement of l @ s oppressed for the control of their lives and in the international countercultural resistance. We are not just another anarchist organization, much less, a closed circle of "chosen ones" that seeks to monopolize or claim the representation of Cuban anarchism. On the contrary, we are a network of collectives and individuals with sections in different cities of the world, which attempts a more effective coordination between the different currents that today make up Cuban anarchism from anarcho-syndicalism, revolutionary anarchism, anarcho-communism, cooperativism, communalism, primitivism, eco-anarchism to libertarian insurrectionalism. If you are an anarchist,... (From: MLC.)

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The Events of Salta

The repression against the aboriginal people of Salta, carried out by the brutal and criminal military of Argentina, with orders to beat, abuse, banish and jail hundreds of indigenous individuals, including old people, women and children, is a reprehensible and deplorable act on the part of the pseudo-republic of Argentina. We vehemently condemn this act of barbarism, which astounds all free men and women of the land and is a throwback to the time of the Spanish invasion and colonization of this continent. The abuses committed against a defenseless racial minority in this Nazi-style pogrom is not only a crime against Argentina but also a crime against Humanity. We Cuban anarchists, opposed as always to abuses and misery of the repressive authorities of all States, raise our voice in protest against these atrocities and solidarize ourselves with the indigenous people of Salta.

The people of Argentina have already suffered enough under past dictatorships and have had their fill of State terrorism,particularly that directed against the indigenous populations of the continent. With this communique, we announce our formal and most serious protest against the beatings, physical and verbal, committed by the Argentine military.

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