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(1882 - 1945) ~ Bolshevik-Aligned Leader of the Russian Nabat Anarchists : March of 1920 saw him taken to Moscow, where he would remain prisoner until October, when he and many other anarchists were released by virtue of a treaty between the Soviet Union and Makhno's army. Voline then returned to Kharkov, resuming his old activities... (From : Rudolph Rocker Bio.)
• "Socialism, so mighty in Germany, Austria and Italy, has proved powerless. 'Communism', itself very strong, especially in Germany, has proved powerless. The trade unions have proved powerless. How are we to account for this?" (From : "The Unknown Revolution," by Voline.)
• "Yet there is consolation to be had. The masses learn through all too palpable first hand experience. And the experience is there." (From : "The Unknown Revolution," by Voline.)
• "As we know, there it was an authoritarian state communism (Bolshevism) that scored a stunning and rather easy victory in the events of 1917. Now, these days, nearly seventeen years on from that victory, not only is communism proving powerless to resist fascism abroad, but, where the regime within the USSR itself is concerned, the latter is more and more often being described more and more deliberately as 'red fascism'." (From : "The Unknown Revolution," by Voline.)


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Table of Contents

The Unknown Revolution, 1917–1921. Book Two. Bolshevism and Anarchism | The Anarchist Library


The Unknown Revolution, 1917–1921. Book Two. Bolshevism and Anarchism

  Part I: Two Conceptions of the Revolution

    Chapter 1. Two Opposing Conceptions of Social Revolution

    Chapter 2. Causes and Consequences of the Bolshevik Conception

  Part II. About the October Revolution

    Chapter 1. Bolsheviks and Anarchists Before October

    Chapter 2. Anarchist Position on the October Revolution

    Chapter 3. Other Disagreements

    Chapter 4. Some Reflections

  Part III. After October

    Chapter 1. The Bolsheviks in Power; Differences Between the Bolsheviks and the Anarchists

    Chapter 2. The Fatal Descent

    Chapter 3. The Anarchist Organizations

    Chapter 4. The Unknown Anarchist Press in the Russian Revolution

    Chapter 5. Some Personal Experiences

  Part IV. Repression

    Chapter 1. The Preparations

    Chapter 2. The Discharge

    Chapter 3. Unrestrained Fury

    Chapter 4. The Case of Leon Tchorny and Fanny Baron

    Chapter 5. The Case of Lefevre, Vergeat and Lepetit

    Chapter 6. A Personal Experience

    Chapter 7. The Final Settlement

    Chapter 8. The Extinguisher

    Chapter 9. The Deception of Visiting Delegations

    Chapter 10. Bolshevik “Justice”

  Part V. The Bolshevik State

    Chapter 1. Nature of the Bolshevik State

    Chapter 2. Situation of the Workers

    Chapter 3. Situation of the Peasants

    Chapter 4. Situation of the Functionaries

    Chapter 5. Political Structure

    Chapter 6. General View

    Chapter 7. Achievements

    Chapter 8. Counter-Revolution

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