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Adam Weaver is active in social movements and lives in Miami, Florida.

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Introduction by Adam Weaver While the larger radical/anti-capitalist left has arguably few universal tenets of strategic agreement, the statement that “a strong left is one that’s rooted in working class and oppressed communities and struggles” is easily one of them. The question that all tendencies and formations grapple with is how do we understand this process and what are the methods to transition from being isolated and powerless players to a left with deep roots within powerful working class social movements. A welcome discussion along these lines is from Philly Socialists and the Marxist Center conference and a recently compiled reader around the concepts of ‘base building’ and ‘dual ... (From:
We include here personal accounts from members and allies of Black Rose/Rosa Negra across the U.S. speaking on the direct impacts and responses to the coronavirus crisis underway. Some have been directly affected as healthcare workers, laid off service workers, or having to undergo self-quarantine. Others are on front the lines of the responses through organizing tenants or mutual-aid efforts. Chrysanthe, Los Angeles So far five of the dozen neighborhood based chapters of the Los Angeles Tenants Union (LATU), including the Vermont Beverly chapter that I organize with, have endorsed a list of demands which includes an immediate moratorium on evictions, an immediate suspension of rent collection, demand for housing to the unhouse... (From:
Introduction by Adam Weaver Pledging to make Jackson become “the most radical city on the planet,” the July 2017 election of Chokwe Antar Lumumba as Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi is by many accounts an inspiration as to the ability of the left to critically engage in social change through elected office. By no means an isolated effort, Lumumba’s election is the result of decades of base building and social movement growth, most notably highlighted in their use of community assemblies and the work of Cooperation Jackson, which promotes the creation of worker cooperatives. The origins of the campaign are rooted in the politics of Black self-determination and is spelled out in the Jackson-Kush Plan (referred to ... (From:
Within the broad anarchist movement, we stand in the tradition advocating the need for an organized and disciplined anarchist political organization The “Alliance” in the First International was an early example of this model, but it was one of many such forces. In 1926, Nestor Makhno, Peter Arshinov and others restated this approach in the classic “Organizational Platform of the Libertarian Communists,”* perhaps the most important text of twentieth century anarchism. In South America — a region with many similarities to southern Africa — this tradition has been developed as Especifismo, and it is for this reason that we carry this important piece. Throughout the world, anarchist involvement within... (From:
This essay is an argument for moving towards national organization in the United States and was published in April 2013 during the opening of the process that led to the founding of what became Black Rose/Rosa Negra. It aims to explore the limitations of political organization today, recent positive experiences, and possible ways to build in the present moment. In the midst of the worst economic crisis in decades, the left stands at a crossroads. Despite widespread anxiety, restructuring, stirrings, and disruptions, the left has been unable to respond or develop bases for movements and revolutionary organization in any meaningful sense. In many ways the eruption of the Occupy movement onto the center stage with all of its weaknesses... (From:

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