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About Alex Khasnabish

Researcher, writer, teacher. Social movements and the radical imagination.


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SECTION I. Anarchism & Education: Learning from Historical Experimentations DIALOGUE 1 (On a desert island, between friends) Alejandro de Acosta A: Even in the strangeness of our isolation, you want to discuss something you call anarchist pedagogy? Haven’t we been circling around this topic for some time now? Well, if I understand your expression, it is already underway. B: Yes, it has been underway for centuries. A: And yet, here in our isolation, we feel the need to talk it over again. What’s more, if I know you, you will want to narrate a myth of origin … B: Remember, always, that it is just that, a myth, a story. A: So maybe I am the one who is inclined to... (From:

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