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About Alexandros Schismenos

Alexandros Schismenos is a researcher working on social-historical phenomena of the 21st century. He is coauthor of The end of National Politics (2016) with Nikos Ioannou. Writes: Continental Philosophy, Political Theory and Philosophy. Author of : Castoriadis and Autonomy in the Twenty-first Century.

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Introduction Federico Venturini, Emet Degirmenci, and Ines Morales “We have seen the future—and it doesn’t work” —Jerome Ross, ROAR Magazine “We don’t want to manage the inferno, we want to disassemble it and build something new” —Raquel Gutierrez Aguilar, Pikara Magazine “The ecological principle of unity in diversity grades into a richly mediated social principle; hence my use of the term social ecology” —Murray Bookchin, The Modern Crisis About this Book This volume arose from proceedings of the conference The Right to the City and Social Ecology—Towards Ecological and Democratic Cities, held in Thessaloniki 1—3 September... (From:

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