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About Alice Nutter

Alice Nutter (born Anne Holden, 10 July 1962) is a British musician and writer. Nutter is currently a scriptwriter for theater, radio and TV.

She was born in Burnley, Lancashire and attended Towneley High School.

Nutter joined the anarchist music group Chumbawamba in 1982, not long after the band formed, and took up residence in their squat in Armley. With her music and politics closely integrated, Nutter picketed during the 1984-85 miners' strike and the 1986 Wapping dispute. In 1997, the band had an international hit with their song "Tubthumping", on which Nutter was a vocalist. She performed with the band on numerous international television shows and at the 1998 BRIT Awards. Nutter left Chumbawamba in 2006 to start a new career as a playwright. In 2012, she returned to the band for "Going Going", their final live performance at the Leeds City Varieties.

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Anarchism : Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarianism -- 1997 ~ (3,223 Words / 19,544 Characters)
This piece is written for all revolutionaries. This is not the token 'women's bit' that's stuck in for the sake of appearances. This is an attempt to look at how and why the Left, and Class War in particular, has not just failed to attract women, but alienated, patronized and looked upon them as a minority group. How can half the working class be treated as a minority? We're not claiming that we have solutions for the gender imbalance but we are saying that it's time to stop ignoring the problem. Any revolutionary movement which doesn't address why there are so few women in its ranks isn't a true revolutionary movement, just a complacent reflection of the status quo. DAZED AND CONFUSED In the early years of Class War, the attitude was that feminist demands did not go far enough. We said why call for equal pay? Equal rights under capitalism was putting out a begging bowl for equal gender exploitation and was spectacularly unambitious. Class War were calli... (From :


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