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About Andy Blunden

Blunden is a member and secretary of the Marxists Internet Archive Collective (or, a website which contains many Marxist and Marxist related text on history, philosophy and politics along with many other topics.

Another internet project Blunden is involved with is the "Marx Myths & Legends". This website hosts many articles of prominent Marxian scholars and activists dealing with misunderstandings and slander surrounding Marx and his ideas.

His published works cover topics from Hegel to post-structuralism to ethics and politics. Blunden is a self-described "Hegelian Marxist with a 'pragmatist twist' using Lev Vygotsky."

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To the students of Law and Medicine, Benjamin Constant has died. France weeps for one of the firmest upholders of its freedom, a great citizen and a great man. It is for a friend that we weep. You know the accents his voice found to repulse the calumnies and insults poured upon us by an oppressive power. You know what burning words he made heard in 1820, 1821, 1822 and 1827, when, not content to sacrifice us to the sword of their hirelings, the powerful insulted us from the tribune and in their newspapers. Benjamin Constant made it a point of pride to be the friend of young people. Until his last moment, he lifted his voice to defend us, because the youth of France, just as much as freedom, needed to be defended, even after the battle of t... (From:
I. Preliminary This program is purely military and leaves entirely to the side the political and social question, which this isn’t the place for: besides, it goes without saying, that the revolution must (effectively work against the tyranny of the capital, and) reconstitute society on the basis of justice. A Parisian insurrection which repeats the old mistakes no longer has any chance of success today. In 1830, popular fervor alone was enough to bring down a power surprised and terrified by an armed insurrection, an extraordinary event, which had one chance in a thousand. That was good once. The lesson was learned by the government, which remained monarchical and counter-revolutionary, although it was the result of a revolution. ... (From:
(Positive Philosophy, No 5, March-April 1869) article by Hippolyte Stupuy, a remark on Condorcet, pages 201 and following. A pile of nonsense and sillinesses concerning Christianity and the Middle Ages wrongly attacked by the Revolutionaries, according to the author. Claimed benefits of Catholicism and feudalism. Execrable doctrines of historical fatalism, fatalism in humanity. Everything that happens is for the good, for only what exists, is solely that which happens. Catholicism is irreproachable so long as it is the strongest. Its wrongs begin only with its weakness. Feudalism also is a good thing as long as it crushes. It becomes plague only by virtue of its decline. The most audacious misrepresentation of the facts just as inept for... (From:

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