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Introduction by Alfredo M. Bonanno This book has a lot to say, far more than it might seem at first sight. But it requires a particular disposition on the part of the reader, a disposition to understand rather than to simply inform oneself. In fact, there is not merely ‘information’ here, there are ‘ideas’, something that rarely happens in American (even ‘radical’) culture, and this is somewhat disturbing. How many of us are prepared to consider ideas? I don’t know. Those who do not want to question their certainties will find confirmation of their beliefs in this book in another guise, ruining the author’s solicitations to look at reality differently. Anyone can spend yea... (From : TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
Notes: The following essays are not yet present from the original document. Wild Sensuality - Rediscovering the Super-Abundance of Wild Nature Child Molestation vs Child Love A.I.D.S as a Dis-Ease Rants: Essays and Polemics “This book is dedicated to all Pansexual Pirates, Anarchic Adventurers, Mischievous Magicians, Chaotic Creators, Heroic Hermaphrodites, Delirious Deities, Prophetic Perverts, Orgasmic Outlaws, Androgynous Avatars, Beautiful Bandits, Erotic Elves, Demented Dreamers, Mad Moorish Mystics, Devine Dilinquents and Reveling Ranters. May your health, love and pleasure be yours always, grand creators of paradise.” Feral Faun Introduction Here I am, a free... (From : TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)


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