Grigori Petrovitch Maximoff : Ukrainian Anarcho-Syndicalist Involved with the Bolshevik-Aligned Nabat

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(1893 - 1950)


Secretary of Russia's Anarcho-Syndicalist Confederation and editor of Golos Truda (The Voice of Labor). He experienced at first hand the Bolshevik repression which crushed other revolutionaries and subordinated popular revolt to party dictatorship.

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"Innumerable warehouses are filled with unsold wares, while other goods are destroyed so as to prevent a slump in market prices. Production comes to a standstill, unemployment increases, the destitution and political oppression of the people reach an unprecedented intensity, and bourgeois democracy turns into open dictatorship..."

From : "My Social Credo," by Grigori Petrovitch Maximov

"In the past, capitalism would have saved itself from deadly crisis by seizing colonial markets and those of agrarian nations. Nowadays, most of the colonies are themselves competing in the world market with the metropolitan countries, while the agrarian lands are proceeding in the direction of intensive industrialization."

From : "My Social Credo," by Grigori Petrovitch Maximov

"I believe that only a stateless form of society is compatible with human progress, and that only under such a form of commonwealth will humanity be able to attain full liberty, and therefore I am an anarchist."

From : "My Social Credo," by Grigori Petrovitch Maximov


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About Grigori Petrovitch Maximoff

 Grigori Petrovitch Maximoff 1

Grigori Petrovitch Maximoff 1

Grigori Petrovitch Maximoff (Russian: Григо́рий Петро́вич Макси́мов, Grigóriy Petróvich Maksímov; 11 November 1893, Mitushino Smolensk Governorate – 16 March 1950, Chicago) was a Russian-born anarcho-syndicalist who was involved in Nabat, a Ukrainian anarcho-syndicalist movement. Along with several other anarchists, he was imprisoned on 8 March 1921 following a Cheka sweep of anarchists in the area. After a hunger strike attracted the attention of visiting syndicalists, Maximoff was one of the 10 anarchists who were released from prison and deported.

Maximoff's work was first published in the US by the Union of Russian Workers, an anarchist organization with nearly 10,000 members which had a substantial presence in New York City.

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Anarchism : Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarianism -- (6,209 Words / 42,016 Characters)
"Discussing the activities and role of the Anarchists in the Revolution, Kropotkin said: 'We Anarchists have talked much of revolutions, but few of us have been prepared for the actual work ,to be done during, the process. I have indicated some things in this relation in my Conquest of Bread. Pouget and Pataud have also sketched a line of action in their work on Syndicalism and the Co-operative Commonwealth. Kropotkin thought that the Anarchists had not given sufficient to the fundamental elements of the social revolution. The real facts in a revolutionary process do not consist so much in actual fighting--that is, merely the destructive phase necessary to clear the way for constructive effort. The basic factor in a revolution is the organization of the economic life of the country. The Russian Revolution had proved conclusively that we must prepare thoroughly for that. Everything else is of minor importance. He had come t... (From : Anarchy Archives.)


November 11, 1893 :
Birth Day.

March 16, 1950 :
Death Day.

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