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(1903 - 1926)


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About Kaneko Fumiko

Fumiko Kaneko (金子 文子, Kaneko Fumiko, January 25, 1903 – July 23, 1926) or rarely Pak Fumiko, was a Japanese anarchist and nihilist. She was convicted of plotting to assassinate members of the Japanese Imperial family.

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Anarchism : Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarianism -- (91,227 Words / 500,972 Characters)
Introduction MIKISO HANE KANEKO FUMIKO (1903–1926) wrote her memoir, translated here, while she was in prison, having been convicted of a plot, the authorities charged, to assassinate the emperor. Her life, as her memoir shows, was one of misery, privation, and hardship from early childhood. Her parents were not legally married, and they did not register her birth in their family register. Ever since the Meiji Restoration, the government had required each household to have its family members registered at the local government office. A child born out of wedlock often was registered as the child of the mother’s parents. This was not done for Fumiko until 1912, when she was registered in her maternal grand-father’s family register as his daughter. A person not recorded in any register, vas in effect a nonperson. To attend school, gain employment, or have any legal standing, a person had to submit a household registration c... (From : TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)


January 25, 1903 :
Birth Day.

July 23, 1926 :
Death Day.

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