Mreža Anarhosindikalista I Anarhosindikalistkinja (MASA) : The Network of Anarcho-syndicalists (Croatia)

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Untitled People Mreža Anarhosindikalista I Anarhosindikalistkinja (MASA)

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About Mreža Anarhosindikalista I Anarhosindikalistkinja (MASA)

Mreža anarhosindikalista i anarhosindikalistkinja (eng. The Network of Anarcho-syndicalists) or in short MASA (“masa” is also a Croatian word for mass, mob, crowd or similar – this is a note for you to understand the symbolic of our name.) is a propaganda organization from Croatia that tends to form an anarcho-syndicalist revolutionary syndicate confederation in Croatia, and to become a part of the IWA.

As I said, the aim of our organization is to create an anarchist syndicate and to become a member of the IWA-AIT. We believe that this is the best way to form a strong anarchist movement in our country and to raise the class consciousness of the working class. We must be strong and united to be able to fight for our rights, our jobs, our neighborhoods, our communities etc. against capitalism and the State.

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On the first day of July 2009, Croatian Prime Minister dr. sc. Ivo Sanader, who is also the president of Hrvatska demokratska zajednica (eng. Croatian Democratic Community – the largest Croatian conservative party, currently holding power in Croatia.), suddenly resigned from his position as the Prime Minister of Croatia. In accordance with the situation, an appropriate metaphor for the Prime Minister’s resignation appeared among the people: “Rats are first to leave the sinking ship”. “Sinking ship” is an appropriate description for the economic system whose one and only interest is the profit of the bosses and politicians, while exploiting the workers and seriously damaging our Planet’s ecosystem. T... (From:
On the evening of Friday, the 24th of July, students – ex-workers of Broadway cinema in Split – organized a protest, because the management of the Broadway cinema didn’t pay them their full salaries for April, May and the June. Ten people have gathered in the front of the cinema’s entrance with the banner “Bojkot kina” (eng. The boycott of the cinema). They also had leaflets that advocated the people to boycott the cinema, because of humiliating and exploiting workers. After 20 minutes, the security has shown up, and the students moved away so that they don’t have trouble with security. This was only the first protest of warning to management of the cinema. Mateo, the member of MASA’s l... (From:

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