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Want to know about Anarchism as a theory and a movement throughout history and up to the present? Then you've found the right place.

Whether it is Collectivist Anarchism or Individualist Anarchism, Mutualist Anarchism or Communist Anarchism, every type is given its bit of room for expression here.

This archive contains 6,844 texts, with 35,560,322 words or 221,526,031 characters.

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Smack a White Boy Round Two : CrimethInc. Eviction, by Anarchist People of Color
Dread locked white punks, crusties with their scabies friends, and traveling college bros swarmed a space on the dividing line of gentrification in the Bloomfield/Garfield/Friendship area late July 2009 in Pittsburgh for the annual CrimethInc convergence. Whereas previous CrimethInc convergences had been located deep in wooded areas, this particular one took place in a poor, black neighborhood that is being pushed to the borders by entering white progressive forces. There were those that had experienced CrimethInc’s oppressive culture and people for years and others who had experienced enough oppression after just a few days. Our goals were to stop CrimethInc, their gentrifying force, and to end the convergence right then and there for all that they had done. Just a few blocks away, eight anarchist/autonomous/anti-authoritarian people of color gathered to discuss a direct confrontation. We arrived from different parts of these stolen lands of th... (From :

Smack A White Boy: Report Back : Oh YES we did!, by Anarchist People of Color
Blame it on hypocrisy and a failure to understand that Americans are getting exactly what they asked for when they elected Barack Obama as the new president. Act Now to Stop War & End Racism Coalition (ANSWER) will probably blame it on the low turn out. I can hear them saying to each other right now “… if only more people came out to protest the war, someone would have to listen”. Only in your wet dreams could fucking the war machine be that easy. On Saturday March 21, 2009 Autonomous People of Color (APOC) blocked the ANSWER coalition march as they aimed to launch the beginning of the post-Obama anti-war movement. You must say their dramatic direct action totally failed unless they completely misunderstood those tactics. What occurred was nothing more than a laughable continuation of the pageantry that is a result of lazy, “American-style” activism. You know the scenario; it’s the same old crazies, middle a... (From :

Northeast APOC Conference Revolutionary Principles of Unity, by Anarchist People of Color
We call for a social revolution to erect a new society entirely. We want decent housing, food, clothing and other essentials for all, not just the rich. We oppose all forms of colonialism and imperialism in the Third and Fourth Worlds and support the struggles of all oppressed peoples in the West. We oppose nation-state wars and the building of a fascist police state based on hysteria over “terrorism.” We oppose any form of white supremacy, white cultural chauvinism, whiteness or internalized racism in the Anarchist movement, and call for unity and recognition of our right to autonomy. We strive and fight to dismantle, deconstruct and unlearn (in no particular order but all at once) white supremacy, patriarchy, ableism, heterosexism, speciesism, transphobia, queerphobia, environmental racism, ageism, classism and authoritaria... (From :

APOC I-69 Resister Arrested, by Anarchist People of Color
Background on the arrest: In what appears to be the culmination of a several year long case the state has been building against I-69 resistance, two Indiana residents, Tiga and Hugh, were arrested this afternoon. Although the charges against the two include individual acts, for the majority they are trumped up charges of conspiracy – fairly explicitly, conspiracy to collectively organize, to challenge environmental and social devastation perpetrated by the state and capital – leveled against any (not easily recuperative) movement against I-69. Although it appears that no other warrants have been issued, that for now no other individuals will be facing the severe penalties these charges carry, it must be noted that this brash move by the state is a most blatant affront to any initiative towards social organization. Tiga, a long time Indiana resident, was arrested early today as she appeared in Gibson County court on charges stemming from ant... (From :

Anarchy In The Town : An intro for people of color, by Anarchist People of Color
Anarchism is a political philosophy based on freedom and the idea that groups of people should not hold established power over others. This power over others is authority, and it happens in a lot of ways: the rich over the rest of us, white people over people of color, men over women, etc. And those in power enforce it in many ways: the police, the KKK, domestic abuse, etc. An anarchist is someone who tries to live life fighting those power structures so that we can all come up and achieve freedom without becoming the oppressors. “and the old folks tell me it’s been going on since back in the day, but that don’t make it okay and the white folks tell me all the looting and shootin’s insane, but they don’t know our pain so please don’t come around these parts, and tell me that we all a bunch of animals, the only time they wanna turn t... (From :

Blasts from the Past

Part 1: Introduction by Arturo M. Giovannitti Chapter 1 Of all the words of a more or less esoteric taste which have been purposely denaturalized and twisted by the capitalist press in order to terrify and mystify a gullible public, “Direct Action” and “Sabotage” rank easily next to Anarchy, Nihilism, Free Love, Neo-Malthusianism, etc., in the hierarchy of infernal inventions. To be sure, the capitalist class knows full well the exact meaning of these words and the doctrines and purposes behind them, but it is, of course, its most vital interest to throw suspicion on and raise popular contempt and hatred against them as soon as they begin to appear and before they are understood, for the purpose of creating an antagonistic environment to them, and thus check the growth of their propaganda. American Capitalism having succeeded in making the word Anarchism synonymous with disorder, chaos, violence and mur... (From :

It almost happened that the Commissariat of Clichy — this police office that has served as the backdrop for legendary cases of the third degree — met its end in an apotheosis of dynamite. Two cute little bombs of red copper had been placed in a corridor leading to the Superintendent’s office; the fuses had been lit ... everything was going along beautifully, from the special point of view of the depositor arguing for the purification of the place, when a dog, the dog of the dog of a Superintendent, noticed the al giorno lighting and began vociferating. It was thus that the alarm was sounded. He barked; he barked and someone came in enough time to extinguish the threatening illumination. It should be noted that, since the geese of the Capitol, there have always been animals that get involved in things that don’t concern them. The vile beasts — this is an image — always cry out: “Watch out!” at the... (From :

It’s not only France and the other governments of Europe that pursue us. On November 11, 1887 the Americans hung four of ours in Chicago. The day of the execution comrade Most publicly condemned the bourgeoisie and as a result was sentenced to prison. He has just been arrested and is serving his sentence. Bravo, gentlemen of the bourgeoisie. The more you strike out at our ideas the more they will spread. Strike hard! (From :

It’s no secret that a good portion of the left today considers science profoundly uncool. A slight affinity with it persists among a majority, but few asides of scorn by the continental philosophers influential in the contemporary leftist canon see spirited response and science’s most prominent champions remain dated historical figures like Peter Kropotkin and Élisée Reclus. Indeed there’s a lingering whiff of technocratic stodginess and death that the word “science” has never quite shaken. Those leftists most associated with it have a tendency to either be authoritarians looking to legitimize near-fascist narratives, or doe-eyed activists enchanted by saccharine visions of self-managed bureaucracies and The Meeting That Never Ends. To a great many who identify as radicals “science” appears in our lives primarily as a place our various enemies habitually retreat to conjure the authority their shoddy arguments couldn’t. (From :

Introduction by Noam Chomsky "Notes on Anarchism" in For Reasons of State Noam Chomsky, 1970 Transcribed by (Bill Lear) A French writer, sympathetic to anarchism, wrote in the 1890s that "anarchism has a broad back, like paper it endures anything"---including, he noted those whose acts are such that "a mortal enemy of anarchism could not have done better." There have been many styles of thought and action that have been referred to as "anarchist." It would be hopeless to try to encompass all of these conflicting tendencies in some general theory or ideology. And even if we proceed to extract from the history of libertarian thought a living, evolving tradition, as Daniel Guérin does in Anarchism, it remains difficult to formulate its doctrines as a specific and determinate theory of society and social change. The anarchist historian Rudolph Rocker, who presents a systematic conception of the development of anarchist th...

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