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(1871 - 1945)


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About Adeline Champney

Adeline Champney was an Anarchist.


This person has authored 1 documents, with 6,224 words or 36,354 characters.

Anarchism : Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarianism -- 1911 ~ (6,224 Words / 36,354 Characters)
When we were little we were taught to mind. It used to be the fashion to teach children to mind. Obedience was the sine qua non of childhood. A child with a will of its own was marked for special discipline at the hands — often, literally at the hands — of the alarmed parent. A will of its own was a dangerous possession and must be broken at all costs. So the little will was broken; the costs were too often handed down, even unto the third and fourth generation. On the whole we learned to mind; learned it so well that most of us have minded ever since, becoming devout Christians and exemplary citizens; following the beaten path, thinking the time worn thoughts, molding our lives after the antique pattern esteemed by our ancestors. To be “good” was to do as we were told — “ours not to make reply, ours not to reason why” — ours to conform to the adult life around us, and to cause as little inconvenience as possi... (From :


1871 :
Birth Day.

1945 :
Death Day.

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