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(1844 - 1929)


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About Edward Carpenter

Edward Carpenter (29 August 1844 – 28 June 1929) was an English socialist poet, philosopher, anthologist, and early activist for gay rights and animal rights. He was a noted advocate for vegetarianism and against vivisection, topics on which he wrote extensively. As a philosopher he was particularly known for his publication of Civilization: Its Cause and Cure. Here he described civilization as a form of disease through which human societies pass.

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I The friendly and flowing savage, who is he? Is he waiting for civilization, or is he past it, and mastering it? — Whitman We find ourselves today in the midst of a somewhat peculiar state of society, which we call Civilization, but which even to the most optimistic among us does not seem altogether desirable. Some of us, indeed, are inclined to think that it is a kind of disease which the various races of man have to pass through — as children pass through measles or whooping cough; but if it is a disease, there is this serious consideration to be made, that while History tells us of many nations that have been attacked by it, of many that have succumbed to it, and of some that are still in the throes of it, we k... (From : TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
Most people agree nowadays in the view that the growth of bureaucracy and officialism in the modern State is a serious evil, and that the extension of Government interference and the multiplication of Laws are a great danger. We all know that the institution of the Law and the Courts actually creates and gives rise to huge masses of evil — bribery, blackmail, perjury, spying and lying, wrongful accusation, useless and deliberate suffering and cruelty; that it publicly sanctions and organizes violence, even in extreme forms; that it quite directly and deliberately supports vast and obvious wrongs in Society — as for instance land-monopoly; that it is absurd and self-contradictory in much of its theory and practice; that (as Herbe... (From : TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)


July 29, 1844 :
Birth Day.

June 28, 1929 :
Death Day.

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