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(1875 - 1908)


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About Albert Libertad

Joseph Albert (known as Albert Libertad or Libertad) (24 November 1875 – 12 November 1908) was an individualist anarchist militant and writer from France who edited the influential anarchist publication L’Anarchie.

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Germinal, at the Wall of the Fédérés (1898) Near their tomb, in the middle of the gaudy wreaths and bouquets showily brought there, in the grass, in black letters on a red background, someone wrote one word: Germinal. This person knew how to give the correct tone to this anniversary. Germinal! This wasn’t a banal remembrance of the dead, this was a call to the living; it wasn’t the pointless glorification of the past, it was a call to the future. On the tomb of these men who died for freedom, this word called their children to liberating rebellion. The wreaths, the bouquets, the speeches, were vain palliatives. Germinal was the still living fight, rising up, terrible, calli... (From :
Many think that it is a simple dispute over words that makes some declare themselves libertarians and others anarchist. I have an entirely different opinion. I am an anarchist and I hold to the label not for the sake of a vain garnishing of words, but because it means a philosophy, a different method than that of the libertarian. The libertarian, as the word indicates, is an adorer of liberty. For him, it is the beginning and end of all things. To become a cult of liberty, to write its name on all the walls, to erect statues illuminating the world, to talk about it in season and out, to declare oneself free of hereditary determinism when its atavistic and encompassing movements make you a slave...this is the achievement of the... (From :
Wearied by the struggle of life, how many close their eyes, fold their arms, stop short, powerless and discouraged. How many, and they among the best, abandon life as unworthy of continuance. With the assistance of some fashionable theories, and of a prevalent neurasthenia, some men have come to regard death as the supreme liberation. To those who hold this view, society replies with the usual clichés. It speaks of the “moral” purpose of life; argues that one has no right to kill himself, that “moral” sorrows must be borne courageously, that a man has duties, that the suicide is a coward or an “egoist”, etc. etc. All of these phrases are religious in tone; and none of them are of genu... (From :
Durand, leaving his hotel, a smile of contentment on his lips, took a small step back, to read a tiny poster: While we perish in the street, the bourgeois has palaces to live in Death to the bourgeois! Long Live Anarchy! Then, he sneered, and yelled to the concierge “You will take these idiocies off of the door” And his calm smile came back when he noticed, glorious in their incapacity, two officers on the beat. But he stopped at the same time as them, red fliers stuck out on the stark white of the wall: Cops are the bulldogs of the bourgeois Death to cops! Long Live Anarchy! The cops used their nails to scratch off the posters and Durant left ... (From :
We don’t have faith, we have absolutely no confidence in our success: we are certain that we have neglected nothing, that we have made all our efforts in order to be on the correct road. We are not certain that we will succeed: we are not certain that we are right. We don’t know, it is not possible for us to know if success will be at the end of our efforts, if it will be the reward; we try to act so that, logically, we should arrive at the result that interests us. Those that envision the goal from the first steps, those that want the certitude of reaching it before walking never arrive. Whatever the task undertaken may be, if the completion is near, who can say they’ve seen the end? Who can sa... (From :


November 24, 1875 :
Birth Day.

November 12, 1908 :
Death Day.

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