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(1921 - 2005)


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About Antonio Téllez Solà

Antonio Téllez Solá (January 18, 1921, Tarragona—March 27, 2005, Perpignan) was a Catalan anarchist, journalist and historian.

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With this, the first in our edition of anarchist pocketbooks, we are opening the way to a series of instruments for use by anarchist comrades and all those who have decided to make their desire for freedom become reality. The series will be as many-faceted as anarchism itself, offering a critique of the great institutions of oppression: religion, economics, authority, ideology, even in their most subtle forms; a look at the field of art and esthetics; at moments in the past where freedom was fought for and won, trying to see where things went wrong and what we can still apply today; proposals of new methods of struggle to be discussed and experimented. We are doing this as a contribution to the struggle that is always in course, not ... (From :


January 18, 1921 :
Birth Day.

March 27, 2005 :
Death Day.

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