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(1882 - 1984)


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About Augustin Souchy

Augustin Souchy Bauer (28 August 1892 – 1 January 1984) was a German anarchist, antimilitarist, labor union official and journalist. He traveled widely and wrote extensively about the Spanish Civil War and intentional communities. He was born in Ratibor, Germany (now Racibórz, Poland).

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Introduction I first met Augustin Souchy in the Casa CNT-FAI (Headquarters of the National Confederation of Labor—CNT —and the Iberian Anarchist Federation—FAI), Barcelona, April 30, 1937. He was the head of Information in Foreign Languages for the CNT-FAI. He greeted me like an old friend and told me I was to start working as the English Language correspondent for the CNT-FAI the following Monday, May 3rd. We had never met before, yet I felt I knew him from his reputation. He was waiting for me to arrive to fill a vacancy on the basis of a letter of introduction from Mark Mratchny, editor of the Freie Arbeiter Stimme, “Free Voice of Labor”, the Yiddish Anarchist weekly in New York City. Wh... (From :


August 28, 1882 :
Birth Day.

January 01, 1984 :
Death Day.

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