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About Argentine Libertarian Federation

The FACA became the Argentine Libertarian Federation (FLA) in 1955, but like its predecessor organization was never able to gain a mass following. In 1985, the FLA replaced its newspaper Acción Libertaria with a new political journal called El Libertario.[26] The 2001 unrest in Argentina and resulting episodes of workers' control have been of great interest to anarchists.

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Anarchism : Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarianism -- 2006 ~ (427 Words / 2,848 Characters)
The anarchists do not wait for a theoretical maturity of the times or for a certain evolution before acting, because they know that action is in itself what better ripens both evolution and times. From the newspaper La Pampa Libre, 1930. FLA has member groups in Rosario, Trenque Lauquen, La Pampa, San Pedro, Chaco y Corrientes. In the federal capital (Buenos Aires) it has a local of its own where there are foundational and member groups. This is also open for other groups which might request it for talks, lectures, different activities and meetings. There is a bookshop that makes donations of ma terials for libraries and different anarchist groups, as well as selling it at a low price to spread our ideas and help cover the costs of running the local. There is a library which is open three times a week for consultations and with comrades available to help the researchers. In the archive and in the magaz... (From :


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