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(1857 - 1938)


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About Charles Malato

Charles Malato (1857–1938) was a French anarchist and writer. He was born to a noble Neapolitan family, his grandfather Count Malato being a Field Marshal and the Commander-in-Chief of the army of the last King of Naples.

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London, February 27. From our Special Envoy. After Mecca, Jerusalem and Rome—London! Today London has become an anarchist holy city. Here the militant “companions” have come to fraternize in their miserable exile, thrown out or chased off the continent. Today there are around a thousand of them on the shores of the Thames, mostly French, Italian and Czech. Next come the Swiss and Belgians. As for the Spaniards, they are represented by only two or three revolutionaries, which might seem surprising given the hunt for anarchists that has taken place on the Iberian Peninsula over the past four months. Finally there are many Russian Jews. The most remarkable of the Slavs is indisputably Prince Kropotkin, a ... (From :
You have invited me, dear comrade, to add a few lines to the documentary work you’ve just finished. I do it gladly, although this work can do very well without any comments, remarks or prefaces because you let the socialists speak for themselves in their different times and it’s up to the reader to draw conclusions. Yes, it’s true that, like every living thing, socialism has suffered its evolution, that it is no longer the heroic epic begun by Babeuf and Darthé nor the pure, wonderful, harmonic dream of Fourier. In the fierce battle of ambitions and desires that fills up our governmental and capitalist world, it has become the label of a new party that, after the conservatives, after the opportunists, after... (From :
“Fear gave birth to the first gods,” a Latin poet said. Yes, Very Holy Father, representative of that tramp Jesus, humbly give your holy slipper to kiss, if some sad idiots prostrate themselves before your sacred toes — it is because one fine day the polished monkey who was our ancestor was too scared of thunder — from this fear was born the idea of religion. Only the most uneducated minds can still imagine that religions were created all at once. Spontaneous generation (as in the physical world so in the moral) is much rarer than you might believe. For such a birth to take place, all the constitutive elements have to have already developed, met and combined. The superficial observer, by himself, might ... (From :


1857 :
Birth Day.

1938 :
Death Day.

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