Fernando Tarrida Del Mármol

August 2, 1861 — 1915

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About Fernando Tarrida Del Mármol

Fernando Tarrida del Mármol (August 2, 1861 – 1915) was a mathematics professor born in Cuba and raised in Catalonia best known for proposing "anarchism without adjectives", the idea that anarchists should set aside their debates over the most preferable economic systems and acknowledge their commonality in ultimate aims.

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Our pole star is Anarchy, the goal we seek to reach and towards which we direct our steps. But our path is blocked by all classes of obstacles and, if we are to demolish them, we must use the means that seem best to us. If we cannot adapt our conduct to our ideas, we let it be known, and seek to come as close as possible to the ideal. We do what a traveler would do when he wishes to go to a country with a temperate climate but who, in order to reach it, has to go through tropical and glacial zones: he would go well-furnished with furs and light clothes that he would get rid of once he arrived at his destination. It would be stupid and also ridiculous to want to fist-fight against such a well-armed enemy. Our tactics derive from what ... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
In Barcelona, following a monstrous attack that I, let me say it once and for all, energetically condemn, numerous innocents were pursued, imprisoned, tortured, and assassinated. We can’t revive the dead, but we can rehabilitate their unjustly insulted memory; we can’t return the unhappy victims who no longer exist to the tenderness of their families, but we can wash the stain from their names. Finally, we can return the freedom of the innocents who were sent to rot in filthy cells. It has been nearly a year that I have, in secret and with persistence, carried out a thorough inquest. It is only in the past few days that I have been able to clarify all the obscure points. Without being the judge responsible for prep... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
The Canovist[1] ferocity, unleashed against Cubans as well as against Filipinos and the democrats of Spain, allows itself free rein in the prison camps to which so many unfortunates are sent, guilty only of wanting a free country. The most savage inquisition is being carried out in the African presidios, notably in that of Ceuta, where almost 500 Cubans are imprisoned. My respectable friend, Dr. Betances, Delegate to Paris of the Cuban government, was kind enough to send me a large number of authentic documents that leave no doubt on this question. These documents show how Mr. Canova exacts vengeance on the defeated, the wounded, and the prisoners of the failures of his compere General Weyler. A great number of Cuban politicals have ... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
About three months ago fifty patriots issued a cry for independence in Yauco. The movement failed due to the treason of one of the conspirators, who warned the Spanish authorities. At present it would not be prudent to name the heroes who are at the head of this movement. But we can affirm that among the 140 prisoners locked up in San Juan, Porto Rico only two were insurgents. The others were arrested simply on suspicion or following anonymous denunciations. What is more, the governor of the island sent missionaries and priests into the countryside who on the pretext of taking confession from the farmers, attempted to learn the secrets of the conspirators. This plan met with no success, for the country people of Porto Rico are no mor... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
The Spanish government, by means of terror, falsehoods, and slanders hopes to be able to hide the crimes it doesn’t cease to commit both in the peninsula and in its unfortunate colonies. It is in error if it thinks it can do this, and the hour of expiation is not far off. Even with the support of the clergy and the sinister “Association of Fathers of Families” it will suffice that light be shined and everything will collapse with a thundering noise. I do not claim to attack Spain, but rather those who dishonor it. On the subject of my latest articles a few Spanish newspapers affirmed – with the good intentions that one can imagine – that I insulted my fatherland. On the contrary, I find that it is they w... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)

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