Hippolyte Havel

Greenwich Village Anarchist Publisher and Editor

(1871 - 1950)

Description : With fellow anarchist (and sometime lover) Hippolyte Havel and her brother Louis Holladay, Polly opened her restaurant. There, bohemian customers were attracted to its cheap meals and radical clientele. Havel served as a cook and waiter in the restaurant and was known for snarling "bourgeois pigs!" at customers. (From : Greenwich Village History)

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Quotes :

"Every great movement since the beginning of history has been a movement to lift the bottom dog and put him on his feet. And every such movement has been led by extremists." (From : "What's Anarchism?" by Havel Hyppolite, 1932.)
"Anarchism is no hypocritical scheme. It cannot dupe men in the manner of political parties which pretend to be saviors of the working class, promising to do wonders if the workers will only give them their confidence. The Anarchists have the far more difficult mission of making the workers realize that neither this nor that political party can do naught for their salvation, and that the sole hope lies in their own insight and energy." (From : "What's Anarchism?" by Havel Hyppolite, 1932.)
"By experience and clear knowledge of the qualities of man, we arrive at the firm conviction that a lasting welfare of Society can be established only through free fellowship, i.e. through Communistic-Anarchist Society." (From : "What's Anarchism?" by Havel Hyppolite, 1932.)

Biography :

 Hippolyte Havel 1

Hippolyte Havel 1

Hippolyte Havel was a Czech anarchist who lived in Greenwich Village, New York, which he declared to be "a spiritual zone of mind". He was close friends with Emma Goldman.

In his youth, Havel had been imprisoned in what then was Austria-Hungary for anarchist activities; originally pronounced "criminally insane", he was declared sane by the intervention of Krafft-Ebing and transferred from the prison madhouse to an ordinary prison. He managed to flee to London, where he met Emma Goldman, who then brought him to America.

In 1900, Havel accompanied Goldman in a visit to Paris, France in preparation for the September International Anti-Parliamentary Congress.

From : Wikipedia.

Works :

Author of What is Anarchism? (November 30, 1931)

Author of Harry Kelly: An Appreciation (November 30, 1920)

Chronology :

November 30, 1870 : Hippolyte Havel's Birth Day.
November 30, 1949 : Hippolyte Havel's Death Day.
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