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The Malthusians Le Représentant du Peuple 10th August 1848 Translator: Benjamin Tucker Dr. Malthus, an economist, an Englishman, once wrote the following words: “A man who is born into a world already possessed, if he cannot get subsistence from his parents on whom he has a just demand, and if the society do not want his labor, has no claim of right to the smallest portion of food, and, in fact, has no business to be where he is. At nature’s mighty feast there is no vacant cover for him. She tells him to be gone, and will quickly execute her own orders...”[1] As a consequence of this great principle, Malthus recommends, with the most terrible threats, every man who has neither labor nor income upon which to l... (From :

Proudhon, Pierre Joseph. System of Economical Contradictions: or, the Philosophy of Misery Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library Chapter 4 CHAPTER IV. SECOND PERIOD. -- MACHINERY.    "I HAVE witnessed with profound regret the CONTINUANCE OF DISTRESS in the manufacturing districts of the country."    Words of Queen Victoria on the reassembling of parliament.    If there is anything of a nature to cause sovereigns to reflect, it is that, more or less impassible spectators of human calamities, they are, by the very constitution of society and the nature of their power, absolutely powerless to cure the sufferings of their subjects; they are even prohibited from paying any attention to them. Every question of labor and wages, say with one accord the economic and representative...


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