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(1854 - 1939) ~ American Father of Individualist Anarchism : An individualist Anarchist, Tucker (1854Ð1939) was a person of intellect rather than of action, focusing on the development of his ideas and on the publication of books and journals, especially the journal Liberty: Not the Daughter but the Mother of Order... (From : Anarchy Archives.)
• "...Anarchism, which may be described as the doctrine that all the affairs of men should be managed by individuals or voluntary associations, and that the State should be abolished." (From : "State Socialism and Anarchism," by Benjamin R. Tu....)
• "The evil to which this [tariff] monopoly gives rise might more properly be called misusury than usury, because it compels labor to pay, not exactly for the use of capital, but rather for the misuse of capital." (From : "State Socialism and Anarchism," by Benjamin R. Tu....)
• "Even in so delicate a matter as that of the relations of the sexes the Anarchists do not shrink from the application of their principle. They acknowledge and defend the right of any man and woman, or any men and women, to love each other for as long or as short a time as they can, will, or may. To them legal marriage and legal divorce are equal absurdities." (From : "State Socialism and Anarchism," by Benjamin R. Tu....)


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Part 06, Chapter 05

A Seed Planted.

[Liberty, May 26, 1888.]

Time: Thursday, May 17, 7.30 P.M.(139 ¶ 1)

Place: Residence of the editor of Liberty, 10 Garfield Ave., Crescent Beach, Revere (a town in the suburbs of Boston).(139 ¶ 2)

Dramatis Personæ: Charles F. Fenno, so-called tax-collector of Revere, and the editor of Liberty.(139 ¶ 3)

In answer to a knock the editor of Liberty opens his front door, and is accosted by a man whom he never met before, but who proves to be Fenno.(139 ¶ 4)

Fenno.Does Mr. Tucker live here?(139 ¶ 5)

Editor of Liberty.That’s my name, sir.(139 ¶ 6)

F.I came about a poll-tax.(139 ¶ 7)

Editor of Liberty.Well?(139 ¶ 8)

F.Well, I came to collect it.(139 ¶ 9)

E. of L.Do I owe you anything?(139 ¶ 10)

F.Well, no; but you were living here on the first of May last year, and the town taxed you one dollar.(139 ¶ 11)

E. of L.Oh! it isn’t a matter of agreement, then?(139 ¶ 12)

F.No, it’s a matter of compulsion.(139 ¶ 13)

E. of L.But isn’t that rather a mild word for it? I call it robbery.(139 ¶ 14)

F.Oh, well, you know the law; it says that all persons twenty years of age and upwards who are living in a town on the first day of May—(139 ¶ 15)

E. of L.Yes, I know what the law says, but the law is the greatest of all robbers.(139 ¶ 16)

F.That may be. Anyhow, I want the money.(139 ¶ 17)

E. of L. (taking a dollar from his pocket and handing it to Fenno)—Very well. I know you are stronger than I am, because you have a lot of other robbers at your back, and that you will be able to take this dollar from me if I refuse to hand it to you. If I did not know that you are stronger than I am, I should throw you down the steps. But because I know that you are stronger, I hand you the dollar just as I would hand it to any other highwayman. You have no more right to take it, however, than to enter the house and take everything else you can lay your hands on, and I don’t see why you don’t do so.(139 ¶ 18)

F.Have you your tax-bill with you?(139 ¶ 19)

E. of L.I never take a receipt for money that is stolen from me.(139 ¶ 20)

F.Oh, that’s it?(139 ¶ 21)

E. of L.Yes, that’s it.(139 ¶ 22)

And the door closed in Fenno’s face.(139 ¶ 23)

He seemd a harmless and inoffensive individual, entirely ignorant of the outrageous nature of his conduct, and he is wondering yet, I presume, if not consulting with his fellow-citizens, upon what manner of crank it is that lives at No. 10 Garfield Ave., and whether it would not be the part of wisdom to lodge him straightway in a lunatic asylum.(139 ¶ 24)

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