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About Andrew Cornell

Andrew Cornell is an author, educator, and organizer. He is currently a visiting assistant professor of American Studies at Williams college, and has taught at Haverford College, Université Stendhal, and SUNY-Empire State. He has also worked as an organizer with the United Autoworkers, the American Federation of Teachers, and other labor unions. His writings focus on 20th and 21st century radical movements, and on the history of work, social class, and racial capitalism.

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5. Georges Sorel’s Anarcho-Marxism Renzo Llorente When one considers the tragic history of the international working-class movement since 1914, one is inclined to regard the doctrine of revolutionary syndicalism advocated … by the ‘new school’ of Georges Sorel, Edouard Berth, and Arturo Labriola as one of the most interesting and promising forms in which Marxian thought has experienced a renaissance. Maximilien Rubel[318] Introduction: Sorel’s uncertain legacy Georges Sorel (1847–1922) was an important figure in the development of radical left-wing theory during the early decades of the twentieth century, and his ideas strongly influenced the work of some major Marxist thinkers, includ... (From:
U.S. historians and political scientists writing in the 1970s explained that anarchism, as an organized political movement, had died on the battlefields of Spain, only to spring up once again, unexpectedly, in the wake of the 1968 uprisings in Paris.[1] In a similar vein, Jonathon Purkis and James Bowen have recently suggested that those trying to make sense of contemporary anarchist initiatives would do well to recognize 1968 as the jumping off point for a “paradigm shift ” in anarchist politics: “[T]he events in France and beyond seemed to act as a lens for a number of emerging movements which, in addition to existing official anarchist movements, have given anarchism a new lease on life.” They suggest that “... (From:

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