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About Confederación Nacional Del Trabajo (CNT)

The Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (English: National Confederation of Labor; CNT) is a Spanish confederation of anarcho-syndicalist labor unions, which was long affiliated with the International Workers' Association (AIT). When working with the latter group it was also known as CNT-AIT. Historically, the CNT has also been affiliated with the Federación Anarquista Ibérica (English: Iberian Anarchist Federation); thus, it has also been referred to as the CNT-FAI. Throughout its history, it has played a major role in the Spanish labor movement.

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Part One: The Goals and Structure of the CNT What is Anarcho-Syndicalism? Anarcho-syndicalism is a current of thought and principles that appeared at the end of the 19th century. It has these fundamental characteristics: The goal of organizing the world’s workers for the defense of their immediate interests, and to obtain improvements in their quality of life. To form unions to achieve this. The creation of a structure in which there are neither leaders nor executive power. The desire for the radical transformation of society, a transformation to be brought about by the means of a Social Revolution. Without this goal of transformation, anarcho-syndicalism does not exist. Another name... (From:
Preliminary Remarks to This Translation TEXT SOURCE, THE TERM "SINDICATO", ETC. The original text is by the Spanish CNT in El Congreso Confederal de Zaragoza 1936 (Madrid, Spain: CNT, 1978), pp. 200-207, 226-242. I have chosen to translate the term sindicato as “syndicate”, instead of (workers’) “union”. Sindicato refers to several things in Spanish, a workers’ union at a workplace, a workers’ union based on a similar trade (what we in the Industrial Workers of the World call an “Industrial Union [Branch]”), a workers’ union based on geography, such as a town (similar to what we in the IWW call a “General Membership Branch&rd... (From:
Translator's Notes WHAT IS TRANSLATED This is a Spanish to English translation of most of the contents of Congreso de constitución de la Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT) (Barcelona, Spain: Cuadernos Anagrama, 1976). FROM SOLIDARIDAD OBRERA TO THE CNT In Spain, Catalan workers founded the Catalan regional workers’ union federation in 1907, calling it Solidaridad Obrera (Workers’ Solidarity). Solidaridad Obrera had its second congress in 1910. At this same congress, delegates from all over Spain attended to decide whether or not to create a new nationwide-union based on the particular militancy, horizontality, anti-capitalist and anti-statist qualities found in Solidaridad O... (From:
Introduction We have translated this program that the CNT (a revolutionary union in Spain) is putting forward as a solution for the current political and economic crisis in Catalonia. We think this program is important for revolutionaries in other countries to engage with because of the unique situation in Catalonia, and of the CNT and the other radical unions there. The problems in Catalonia are different in many ways from the ones we see in North America, and not everything can (or should) be copied over without context. Several of the proposals, in fact, may not make sense for North America. This is appropriate – when revolutionaries are in a position to actually influence the course of events, they need to know how to make ... (From:
What is the CNT? Founded in 1910 in Barcelona, from the trade unions not intertwined with social-democratic currents, the CNT still follows the anarcho-syndicalist principles and is the only heir in the Spanish State of the spirit of the First International. The CNT is today the only Union in the Spanish State completely independent from political guidelines, where those who make the decisions are the affiliated workers and not a comity of professionals of syndicalism, we refuses State funding and patronage in order to keep economical independence, and as to not leave negotiations in the hands of middle-men. What is a Trade Union? A Union is an association of workers who try to improve their life conditions, both mat... (From:

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