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About Abraham P. DeLeon

...professor in the social foundations at the University of Texas, San Antonio. My research interests include curriculum studies. cultural studies, utopian studies, French social theory, nonhuman animals, archival research, representation, space and place, anarchist theory, and critical pedagogy...

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Editor’s Corner “All this Boundless Multitude:” Rereading Mikahail Bakunin for EcoJustice Education Rebecca A. Martusewicz One hundred thirty years ago or so, my great-grandfather, an employee in this country’s booming logging industry, was helping to wipe out the great pines in the northern Midwest of the United States to re-build Chicago. To accomplish this feat in Northern Michigan, the government first had to dispossess the Ojibwe tribes of their relationship to the land and rivers that they had depended upon for centuries, sending them to live on reservations, never to provide for their families in the same way again. It took a mere thirty years to completely wipe out those ancient forests. Imagin... (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)
SECTION III. Philosophical Perspectives and Theoretical Frameworks DIALOGUE 3. (On a mountaintop, between two who are in fact one) Alejandro de Acosta A: See, there are movements. They issue calls, call out to each other, too. B: Yes, other self, and I hear, in their distant calls, discourses, stories. A: Look, somewhere someone finds or loses a self, as if one of us were to vanish to the other. B: Yes, and look, somewhere, a political act, one or more, unfolds, unfold. Already here, on this mountaintop, you and I, other self … A: I am not so sure. From up here all of this might come to seem strange, unlikely, incomprehensible. B: Fragile, at least. A: No homogenous spa (From: TheAnarchistLibrary.org.)

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