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(1842 - 1921) ~ Russian Father of Anarcho-Communism : As anarchism's most important philosophers he was in great demand as a writer and contributed to the journals edited by Benjamin Tucker (Liberty), Albert Parsons (Alarm) and Johann Most (Freiheit). Tucker praised Kropotkin's publication as "the most scholarly anarchist journal in existence." (From : Spartacus Educational Bio.)
• "To recognize all men as equal and to renounce government of man by man is another increase of individual liberty in a degree which no other form of association has ever admitted even as a dream." (From : "Communism and Anarchy," by Peter Kropotkin, 1901.)
• "ANARCHISM, the name given to a principle or theory of life and conduct under which society is conceived without government - harmony in such a society being obtained, not by submission to law, or by obedience to any authority, but by free agreements concluded between the various groups, territorial and professional, freely constituted for the sake of production and consumption, as also for the satisfaction of the infinite variety of needs and aspirations of a civilized being." (From : "Anarchism," by Peter Kropotkin, from the Encyclop....)
• "...all that is necessary for production-- the land, the mines, the highways, machinery, food, shelter, education, knowledge--all have been seized by the few in the course of that long story of robbery, enforced migration and wars, of ignorance and oppression..." (From : "The Conquest of Bread," by Peter Kropotkin, 1906.)


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Ideals and Realities of Russian Literature Peter Kropotkin CHAPTER I THE Russian Language--Early folk literature: Folk-lore-- Songs-Sagas-Lay of Igor's Raid-Annals-The Mongol Invasion; its consequences-Correspondence between John IV. and Krbisky-Split in the Church-Avvakm's Memoirs- The eighteenth century: Peter I. and his contemporaries-Tretiakvsky-Lomonsoff-Sumarkoff-The times of Catherine II.-Derzhvin-Von Wzin-The Freemasons: Novikff; Radscheff-Early nineteenth century: Karamzn and Zhukvskiy-The Decembrists-Ryleff. One of the last messages which Turguneff addressed to Russian writers from his death-bed was to implore them... (From : Anarchy Archives.)

(10,158 Words / 59,420 Characters)
This text was taken from Ideas and Realities in Russian Literature. New York: Alfred A Knopf, 1915. Chapter II Pshkin -- Lrmontoff PSHKIN: Beauty of form -- Pshkin and Schiller -- His youth; his exile; his later career and death -- Fairy tales: Rusln and Ludmla -- His lyrics -- "Byronism" -- Drama -- Evghniy Onyghin -- LRMONTOFF:Pshkin or Lrmontoff? -- His life -- The Caucasus -- Poetry of Nature -- Influence of Shelley -- The Demon -- Mtzyri -- Love of freedom -- His death -- Pshkin and Lrmontoff as prose-writers -- Other poets and novelists of the same epoch. PSHKIN P... (From : Anarchy Archives.)

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Ideals and Realities of Russian Literature Peter Kropotkin CHAPTER III GGOL LITTLE RUSSIA-Nights on a Farm near Diknka, and Mrgorod-Village life and humor-How Ivn Ivnovitch quarreled with Ivn Nikforytch-Historical novel, Tars Blba- The Cloak-Drama, The Inspector-General-Its influence- Dead Souls: main types-realism in the Russian novel. With Ggol begins a new period of Russian literature. which is called by Russian literary critics "the Ggol period," which lasts to the present date. Ggol was not a Great Russian. He was born in 1809, in a Little Russian or Ukranian nobleman's family. His father had already dispayed some literary talent and wrote a few comedies in Little Russian... (From : Anarchy Archives.)

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Ideals and Realities of Russian Literature Peter Kropotkin CHAPTER IV TURGUNEFF-TOLSTY TURGUNEFF: The main features of his Art-A Sportsman's Notebook-Pessimism of his early novels-His series of novels representing the leading types of Russian society--Rdin-Lavrtskiy-Helen and Insroff -Bazroff-Why Fathers and Sons was misunderstood-Hamlet and Don Quixote-Virgin Soil: movement towards the people-Verses in Prose. TOLSTY: Childhood and Boyhood-During and after the Crimean War -Youth: In search of an ideal-Small stories-The Cossacks-Educational work-War and Peace-Anna Karnina-Religious crisis-His interpretation of the Christian teaching-Ma... (From : Anarchy Archives.)

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Ideals and Realities of Russian Literature Peter Kropotkin CHAPTER V GONCHARFF-DOSTOYSKIY-NEKRASOFF GONCHARFF-Oblmoff-The Russian Malady of Oblmovism-Is it exclusively Russian?-The Precipice-Dostoyvskiy-His first Novel-General Character of his Work-Memoirs from a Dead House-Down-trodden and Offended-Crime and Punishment-The Brothers Karamazoff-Nekrasoff-Discussions about his Talent-His Love of the People-Apotheosis of Woman-Other Prose-writers of the same Epoch-Serghei Aksakoff-Dahl-lvan Panaeff-Hvoschinskaya (V. Krestovskiy-pseudonyme). Poets of the same Epoch-Koltsoff-Nikitin Plescheff. The Admirers of Pure Art: Tutcheff-A Maykoff-Scherbina-Polonskiy-A. Fet-A. K. Tolsty-The Translators. GONCHARFF. GONCHARFF occupies in Russian literature the next pl... (From : Anarchy Archives.)

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Ideals and Realities of Russian Literature Peter Kropotkin CHAPTER VI THE DRAMA ITS Origin-The Czars Alexis and Peter I.-Sumarkoff-Pseudo-classical Tragedies: Knyazhnin, Ozeroff-First Comedies-The First Years of the Nineteenth Century-Griboyedoff-The Moscow Stage in the Fifties-Ostrovskiy; his first Dramas- "The Thunderstorm"-Ostrovskiy's later Dramas-Historical Dramas: A. K. Tolsty-Other Dramatic Writers. THE Drama in Russia, as everywhere else, had a double origin. It developed out of the religious "mysteries" on the one hand and the popular comedy on the other, witty interludes being introduced into the grave, moral representations, the subjects of which were borrowed from the Old or the New Testament. Several such mysteries were adapted in the seventeenth... (From : Anarchy Archives.)

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Ideals and Realities of Russian Literature Peter Kropotkin CHAPTER VII FOLK-NOVELISTS THEIR Position in Russian Literature-The Early Folk-Novelists: -Grigorvitch-Mrko Vovtchk-Danilvskiy-Intermediate Period: Kkoreff-Psemskiy-Potykhin-EthnographicaI Researches-The Realistic School:-Pomyalvskiy-Ryeshtnikoff-Levtoff-Gleb Uspnskiy-Zlatovrtskiy and other Folk-Novelists-Namoff-Zasdimskiy-Sloff-Nefdoff-Modern Realism: Maxm Grkiy. An important division of Russian novelists, almost totally unknown in Western Europe, and yet representing perhaps the most typical portion of Russian literature, "Folk-Novelists." It is under this nam... (From : Anarchy Archives.)

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Ideals and Realities of Russian Literature Peter Kropotkin CHAPTER VIII POLITICAL LITERATURE: SATIRE: ART CRITICISM: CONTEMPORARY NOVELISTS POLITICAL LITERATURE-Difficulties of Censorship-The Circles - Westerners and Slavophiles-Political Literature abroad: Herzen - Ogaryoff - Bakunin - Lavrff - Stepniak - The Contemporary and Tchernyshvskiy - SATIRE: Schedrin (Saltykff) - ART CRITICISM: Its Importance in Russia - Byelinskiy - Dobroluboff - Pisareff - Mihailovskiy - Tolstoy's What is Art? - CONTEMPORARY NOVELISTS - Otel - Korolnko - Present Drift of Literature - Merezherovskiy - Boborykin - Potapenko - Tchhoff. POLITICAL LITERATURE To speak of political literature in a country which has no political liberty, and where nothin... (From : Anarchy Archives.)


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